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    Amen John! I’ve been vocal on this site about strategic planning, and I love how you compared/contrasted SPs and Strategists

    I met with an Executive a few weeks ago and he told me an interesting strategy he had to make their plans work. He would take his plans home to his kids and have them read them. If they couldn’t understand or explain it back to him ,he ripped it up and made his team redo it. They learned pretty quickly that their plans had to be succinct, readable and generally a page long (and the success of his company defends his actions).

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    As critical as business planning is to the success of any company, all plans are useless unless followed by action. The difference between strategists and strategic planners may be pronounced, but their combined actions define the rudiments of achieving significant results. Great thoughts, John!

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    John, in my view, strategists usually provoke change or kaizen while strategic planners produce a document. Thanks for a valuable insight and contrast.

  4. Dr.Nachiar says

    Thank you for clearly drawing a line between strategists and strategic planners. Now its clear most the academic administrators are doing better job as the strategic planners instead strategists.

  5. Dr.Nachiar says

    Thank you for distinguishing between strategists and strategic planners. Most of the Academic administrators in India are good strategic planners instead off strategists.