2012 Top Professors on Twitter

[This is the 2012 List. Click Here for the Most Recent Rankings.]

At LDRLB (@LDRLB), we draw much of our content from the research and writings of the world’s top professors. Most are from business schools, others from a variety of fields relevant to leading organizations. These professors consistently build upon the body of knowledge and further the goal of evidence-based leadership. We thought it’d be worthwhile to share with you the people we learn the most from. Below you’ll find who we feel are the top professors on twitter, broken into lists around leadership, innovation, and strategy.


Bill George Professor, Harvard Business School @Bill_George
Gianpiero Petriglieri Associate Professor, INSEAD @gpetriglieri
Bret Simmons Professor, University of Nevada-Reno @drbret
Karl Moore Professor, McGill University @profkjmoore
Gautum Mukunda Assistant Professor, Harvard Business School @gmukunda
Lukas Neville Assistant Professor, University of Manitoba @lukasneville
Michael Roberto Professor, Bryant University @michaelaroberto
Stew Freidman Professor, The Wharton School @stewfriedman
David Thomas Dean, Georgetown University @ProfThomas
Morten Hansen Professor, UC Berkeley and INSEAD @GreatbyChoiceMH
Rob Kaplen Professor, Harvard Business School @RobSKaplan
Francesca Gino Associate Professor, Harvard Business School @francescagino
Jeffrey Pfeffer Professor, Stanford University @JeffreyPfeffer
Schon Beechler Professor, INSEAD @ProfBeechler
Michael Tushman Professor, Harvard Business School @MichaelTushman


Richard Florida Professor, Rotman School of Management @Richard_Florida
Clayton Christensen Professor, Harvard Business School @claychristensen
Alf Rehn Chair, Åbo Akademi University @alfrehn
Karim R. Lakhani Assistant Professor, Harvard Business School @klakhani
Bob Sutton Professor, Stanford University @work_matters
Tina Selig Director, Stanford Technology Ventures Program @tseelig
Tim Kastelle Professor, University of Queensland @timkastelle
Gary Hamel Professor, London Business School @profhamel
Diego Rodriguez Professor, Stanford d.school @metacool
Teresa Amabile Professor, Harvard Business School @TeresaAmabile
Philip Auesrwald Associate Professor, George Mason University @auerswald
Tom Eisenmann Professor, Harvard Business School @teisenmann
Max McKeown Researcher, Warwick Business School @maxmckeown
Brad Staats Professor, UNC-Chapel Hill @brstaats
Dave Owens Professor, Vanderbilt University @daveowens


Michael Porter Professor, Harvard Business School @MichaelEPorter
Rita McGrath Professor, Columbia Business School @rgmcgrath
Sheen S. Levine Professor, Columbia @sslevine
Cynthia Montgomery Professor, Harvard Business School @leadstrategy
Mislek Piskorski Associate Professor, Harvard Business School @mpiskorski
Kevin Boudreau Professor, Londen Business School @KevinJBoudreau
Freek Vermeulen Associate Professor, Londen Business School @Freek_Vermeulen
Teppo Felin Associate Professor, Brigham Young University @teppofelin
Dan Elfenbein Professor, Washington University in St. Louis @OrgStratProf
Sydney Finkelstein Professor, Tuck School of Management @sydfinkelstein
Peter G. Klein Professor, University of Missouri-Columbia @petergklein
Michael Ryall Professor, Rotman School of Management @MDRyall
Laurence Capron Professor, INSEAD @LaurenceCapron
Frank T. Rothaermel Professor, Georgia Tech University @ftrStrategy
Fabrizio Ferrao Professor, IESE Business School @f_ferrao


If you’re wondering about order, we opted to use Klout scores in lieu of follower count in the hopes that it rewarded professors who focus their influence on smaller fields as much as the top thought leaders. This list was compiled primarily by another professor, David Burkus (@davidburkus).


    • says

      Thanks Lynn. I agree. I cast a really wide net and couldn’t find very many to begin with. If you know of any I left out please forward them along. I’ll be happy to plug them into my master list.

  1. says

    David, I looked at your list and I respect Lynn’s comment but leadership is not defined by one’s gender. I have learned from great females and males.

    I think it is gender bias on the other side to always look to see if the list or the award has a particular sex or for that matter race. I could have easily said that I don’t see any HBCUs on the list. The point is not gender or race or culture representation, but is the best talent there.

    I know that some of you may have to Google HBCUs to know what that is and I believe that it will be a good cross-cultural learning experience for you.

    I want to learn. So if your list does not include someone I look like then it is up to me to find that person.

    While I respect Lynn’s question and her right to ask the question, I am going to assume that you did your best to find the best regardless of sex, race or any other identifier.

    • says

      Thanks Dave. I did do my best to find as many professors as I could in the specific areas of leadership, innovation and strategy. I didn’t factor gender or race into my initial search or rankings. I felt these were the best combination of academic influence and twitter influence. I have (thankfully) been made aware of a few more professors (many female) that I didn’t find in my initial search. I suspect (and hope) that I will find more. I’m not intending to discriminate for or against any gender, race of even nationality. I’m just trying to find the best sources of knowledge. I intend to continue to release updated versions of this list, so I hope that everyone continues to send in nominations.

  2. jpq1999 says


    You just started following me on Twitter (thank you!), and I with you. In reading this list, thought I’d suggest a group from Purdue University. I graduated with a BS in Technology for Organizational Leadership & Supervision. Here is a course list. Professor contact into is also in the site. I thought it might be worth looking over for additional sources.



    • says

      I was completely unaware of him until I read your comment. His Klout rating is high but he seems to write mostly on straight technology and not necessarily innovation. I know that must sound like splitting hairs. I will add him to my list of people to keep tabs on for the future. Thanks so much.