Why Efficiency Is A Risky Strategy with Roger Martin

David chats with Roger Martin, author of the new book When More Is Not Better about our obsession with efficiency in organizations and how that can be a very risky strategy. Roger makes that case that, rather than the natural ecosystem that it is, too many leaders have treated the economy (or their organization) as a machine that can be fined tuned to optimal efficiency. That’s great when things go well, and can turn out horribly when they go wrong. Roger also outlines a path to focus on improvement, not efficiency and a way that leaders at all levels can stay focused on what matters…which is often MUCH more than can be measured in a simple set of metrics.

In this interview we covered:
-How are pursuit of efficiency lead us astray.
-Why mental models shape our thinking and our leadership (for better or worse)
-How to break the cycle of efficiency and risk and focus on what matter

Learn more about Roger at https://rogerlmartin.com
Read “When More Is Not Better” at https://amzn.to/2NYumG0




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