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David speaks internationally to thousands of people each year. Find out about bringing David to your company or event.

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David’s books feature insights from social science and practical applications for improving your work and life.

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One-On-One Meetings With Employees

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One-On-One Meetings With Employees [3 Key Things]

One-on-one meetings with employees are a crucial aspect of effective leadership. Organizations spend countless hours, money, and other resources trying…Read More

How Does Diversity Affect Teamwork?

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How Does Diversity Affect Teamwork?

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The Skill of Active Listening

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The Skill of Active Listening

Are you a good listener? You may think you’re a good listener—maybe someone even told you were a good listener.…Read More

How To Earn Respect As A Leader

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How To Earn Respect As A Leader [5 Strategies]

Margaret Thatcher once famously quipped that “Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you…Read More