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The Myths of Creativity


The Myths of Creativity Workbook

Designed to compliment The Myths of Creativity, this workbook will help you expand your creative capacity as you confront the common myths of creativity, act on empirically-support creativity techniques, reflect on your experiences personally and with others.



The Myths of Creativity Sample Chapter

The opening chapter of The Myths of Creativity, for your reading pleasure.



Rewriting the Myths of Creativity

This ebook was originally published on It examines each of the myths of creativity in turn and as well as how to break free of them.



Interview with Gianfranco Zaccai

In this 45 minute interview, David and Gianfranco Zaccai discuss how Gianfranco founded Continuum, a leading design and innovation consultancy and one featured in the book both for its outstanding design and the outstanding approach it takes to managing creatives and creative work.



Interview with Jennifer Anastasoff

In this 30 minute interview, David and Jennifer Annastasoff discuss her work launching Fuse Corps, a nonprofit featured in the book for its work creating social innovation through cross-sector partnerships and the role of leveraging outsiders in producing innovation.



The Myths of Creativity: Keynote at Rotman School of Management

David outlines the five of the ten myths in The Myths of Creativity, and offers exercises for enhancing your creative capacity, to students and alumni of the Rotman School of Management.



How Conflict Fuels Innovation: Keynote at Microsoft

David examines the conflict myth, from The Myths of Creativity, and offers strategies for using structured, productive conflict to enhance the creative collaboration of teams and the innovation of entire organizations.



The Portable Guide to Leading Organizations

Learn the basic theories and models of leadership and change, the history of management and motivational research, and the various schools of thought around strategy in organizations.


Creativity MagThe Top 5 TED Talks on Creativity

My curated list of the very best TED Talks on creativity of all time (so far.)


Leadership MagThe Top 5 TED Talks on Leadership

My curated list of the very best TED Talks on leadership of all time (so far).