0730 | The Power of Now with Max McKeown

0730 | The Power of Now with Max McKeown

Dr. Max McKeown is the author of 7 books, including the new book #Now, as well as The Strategy Book, winner of the Commuter Read at the Chartered Management Institute Book of the Year 2013 and Amazon’s Best Business Books of 2012. He works as a strategic coach with Fortune 100 companies and is also a popular keynote speaker at conferences worldwide. In this interview, we define a “nowist” philosophy and show why nowists make great leaders.

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In This episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Why Nowists are better minded than Thenists
  • How to make decisions fast and effectively
  • Why Nowists make great leaders

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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About the author

David Burkus is an organizational psychologist, keynote speaker, and bestselling author of five books on leadership and teamwork.

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