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How To Manage Poor Performance

At some point in your career as a manager, you’re going to have to manage a poor performing employee. You’ll have to deal with that employee who just isn’t pulling his or her weight. You’ll […]

How To Manage Poor Performance

The One Question You Should Ask In A Job Interview

Job interviews are stressful times. Making sure you leave a great first impression and making sure you’re prepared for any answers that interviewers will throw your way is harrowing enough, but in doing all that […]

The One Question You Should Ask In A Job Interview

Hierarchies and Creative Deviance

One of Senge’s (1994) disciplines of a learning organization is the idea of mental models. We all get stuck in particular views of the world or opinions on how it ought to be. It’s not […]

Does Human Capital Matter?

For your company to achieve high performance, you need to acquire and nurture the best and brightest human capital available and keep these investments in your company. This is the bottom-line conclusion of a study […]

Do Older Workers Have Bad Work Attitudes?

Today 55 percent of the U.S. workforce is 40 or older. Because of negative stereotypes, several research studies have shown that older workers receive lower ratings in job applications, performance appraisals, and access to career […]

Is A Narcissistic CEO Good For Your Organization?

We know from research reported here last week that on an interpersonal level, narcissistic leaders leave a lot to be desired (ok, they suck). If you work for a narcissist, you are not likely inspired […]

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