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The first thing you need to know is that I’ve been working with and studying leadership and organizational performance for more than two decades and I’m obsessed with trying to make the experience of work better for individuals and teams. Most of that drills down into the goal of helping teams do their best work ever. Everything I send you will help you and your team do just that.

The second thing you need to know is that there are three places you can go right now to get this information:

1. David Burkus Presents. This is our regular “show” but that word doesn’t quite cover it. This is the banner under which we post articles, film educational (and entertaining) videos, and even publish a podcast. You can bookmark any of the links in that last sentence, but since you’re a part of the newsletter community now, we’ll be sending you new content directly.

2. Resources. We’ve built a collection of free resources designed to help you put the ideas presented in those articles and videos into practice in your work and with your team. This may be how you joined the newsletter. But if you’ve only downloaded one resource, you’ll probably want to click back there and check out everything you have access to.

3. My Books. These are the deep dive on helping teams do their best work ever. I’ve written 5 (and a half) books on various aspects of leading teams. My newest book, Best Team Ever, is a deep dive on how your team’s culture affects its performance and a practical blueprint to improve that culture and set your team on a path to success.

Check out those links and spend a little time on here. There are dozens of articles, hundreds of interviews, and tons of resources to help you do you best work ever. I’m confident you’ll find something useful and interesting.

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Thanks! I'll Add You To The Newsletter

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